"A friend in need is a friend indeed!" so goes the old saying. Shivaji College is friend to those many communities and issues in need of collective intervention. At Shivaji College, we live by the motto that learning is complete only when one’s education is of value to others. To this end, many community outreach groups have been set up in Shivaji College. Outreach programmes like awareness raising campaigns, collection and donation drives, educational projects for children in slum dwelling, and interesting science camps are organised routinely by different issue-based groups at Shivaji College.


The Enactus chapter at Shivaji College is part of Enactus India – a network of students, faculty and business leaders. Their sole focus is on alleviating socio-economic challenges faced by economically weaker sections of the society. In little measures, they fulfil significant social responsibilities towards communities in need. Enactus at Shivaji College provides platforms to numerous individuals and agents to sell and promote their products at several melas held in the premises of the college at Teej and Diwali celebrations. Such melas offer these women entrepreneur and skilled workers with opportunity galore to broaden their market base and build new business relationships. Launched in 2017, “Project Bandhini” is one such ongoing project wherein waste fabric is transformed into desirable everyday utility products like folders, tissue box holders, purses, etc. The team that oversees this project strives to empower women and offer them possibilities to be self-dependent.

Apart from this, Shivaji Enactus also initiates collection drives for books and clothes. These collections are then donated to children at orphanages in West Delhi.

INSPIRE Internship Program

Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE) is an innovative programme sponsored and managed by the Department of Science and Technology. This programme is organised in collaboration with Shivaji College. The objective of this programme is to orient young minds to the excitements of creative pursuit of science. This programme was conceptualised with the agenda to attract young talents to the study of science at an early age. INSPIRE Internship Program motivates intelligent and inquisitive students to pursue careers in natural sciences and thereby strengthening the National Science and Technology base in India. Fascinating lectures, hands-on experience in state-of-the-art science laboratories, and visits to organisations of international repute in Delhi comprise such science camps. Many students from reputed school eagerly enrol for this joint venture of Shivaji College and Department of Science and Technology.

Inspire Camp organized by the college in Dec 2016: Download

Leaders for Tomorrow (LFT)

This outreach group visited children staying at Rajouri Garden Rain Basera (night shelters) to donate items collected in the college. Student volunteers of LFT often visit shelters where young children and homeless people stay and partake in their day’s labour. On occasions of festivity, the volunteers also distribute sweets to people who take shelter in metro stations at Kirti Nagar, Moti Nagar, and Rajouri Garden.

NSS Outreach

NSS volunteers at Shivaji College continually reinvent themselves in working for the betterment of communities of children and old age people. An initiative undertaken by NSS is “Pehal – Ek Prayaas.” Student volunteers devote two hours every day and teach underprivileged children from Raghubir Nagar (slum area). They engage these children in two slots (morning and evening). In the last season of this project, students attended classes five days a week and were taught Science, Maths, English, Hindi, Social Science, and G. K. along with extracurricular activities. This exercise instilled a spirit of aspiration towards attaining education.

Apart from doing their bit for growing children who are mostly too poor to attend formal schools, the NSS volunteers also serve the needs of aging community. As part of community outreach services, student volunteers routinely visit old-age homes. The beginning of 2018 was marked by the noble services the student volunteers extended toward elderly people. They visited Apna Ghar, the home for homeless and physically challenged people.

Science Setu Programme

Science-Setu Programme brings together acclaimed scientists to deliver lectures in scientific fields. Science is not just a curriculum of study. It is the rationale and organising principle of our everyday life. These lectures are therefore driven toward ‘familiarising’ science among students and inspiring them to undertake the dynamic world of science as not just career but passion for higher researches. This programme aims for wider outreach by closing the distance between undergraduate curriculum and innovative research conducted in the institutions of higher learning with cutting-edge technology. The brainstorming sessions along with inter college competitions promote out of box thinking. Internships and trainings are organised for students in the laboratories of high repute to expose them to latest research and technology.


Society for Practical Applications and Development of Economics (SPADE) set up in 2017 is one such society that works toward understanding and sensitisation of socio-economic problems faced by diverse sections of our society. Under its aegis, SPADE organises numerous dialogues, lectures, and presentations that inform the student community of the new and diverse forms in which socio-economic problems rear their head. Since its inception, SPADE has achieved phenomenal increase in raising awareness among students, and a number of student volunteers have enlisted for the programmes and initiatives undertaken by SPADE. On February 20, 2018, SPADE launched a book titled Arthmanthan as part of the one-day event Annual Consortium for Excellence (ACE of SPADE). This book brings together discussions and deliberations on latest issues of socio-economic problems faced by people. A documentary, The Dark Seed, which presents the everyday challenges of farmers and remarks by noted scholars, was also screened as part of the programme.

Women's Development Cell (WDC)

The Women's Development Cell is the flagship outreach groups in which Shivaji College takes pride. This is because the WDC primarily works toward alleviating the most pressing concern that India at 21st century is still plagued with – gender disparity and oppression of women. Initiatives by the WDC aim at bringing about a gender sensitive outlook and space in the college as well as the communities beyond the college. The programmes held throughout the academic year therefore do not target only the youths in the college, but rather have a wider community outreach. The WDC ensures active interests and participation of male faculty and male students of the college in all the events organised.

The programmes organised by the WDC is assured a wider appeal because WDC often works in partnership with prominent organisations like One Billion Rising (OBR), Maitri India, Men Engage Delhi, Centre for Advocacy and Research (CFAR), and Nazariya. These organisations serve as the link between the college youths and the faculty, the aggrieved community, and a larger target audience.

Every year the WDC celebrates womanhood and the gender-neutral outlook on campus in its annual Gender Fair. Fair in this title suggests mela – a celebration of and exultation in the numerous possibilities of women. At Shivaji College, we live by the motto, “same world, same possibilities”. Gender Fair also commemorates the gender-fair campus. As part of this commemoration, we invite, honour, and salute women and men who have made gender fairness possible in wider communities. Jijabai Achievers Award is presented to those singular women and men who have worked tirelessly against all challenges to alleviate oppression of women and offer new possibilities to them.

Apart from this annual event, the WDC also conducts various awareness campaigns to sensitise students and teachers alike about the most unassuming forms in which patriarchy operates. It also organises numerous workshops and lectures, deliberating on legal ways and otherwise to tackle gender disparities and violence. For the past several years, WDC has had a successful celebration of women and sensitisation of gender issues.