The Alumni Club of Shivaji College was established in 1992. Ex-students and current students join hands in expressing their gratitude to Shivaji College and work towards the development of the college. The Club sponsors awards and scholarships to many meritorious students.

The Alumni Club of Shivaji College is now a fully-fledged organization to which many of our successful and well-placed students lend support. Some of the brilliant ex-students who contributed massively to this organization have also been designated the ‘Diamond’ status within the organization.

The Alumni Club, in the past, had organized a free health check-up camp with the Siddhath Diagnostic Centre. The Club had also taken the privilege of honouring the parents of Captain Sumit Roy and Captain Hanifudin, Kargil Heroes and Ex-Students of Shivaji College.

Shivaji College and its Alumni Club take pride in being associated not only with heroes like Captain Roy and Captain Hanifudin but also with ex-students who have carved a niche for themselves in the field of Academics, Business, Politics, Defence, Medicine, Sports, Research and Developments. Mr. O.P. Wadhwa, a leading lawyer in the city; Mr. Harbhajan Singh, a leading exporter; Major Y.S. Gehlot, Army Officer; Mr. Sachin Bhamba, General Secretary of an NGO named SPACE; Dr. Naresh Sood, a leading cancer surgeon; Dr. Navdeep Chhabra, a renowned urologist are just few of our luminaries. The list is unending and so are the commitments of and contributions of the ex-Shivajians.