Entrepreneurship Development Cell


The Entrepreneurial Development Cell (EDC) of Shivaji College aims at fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship among students and promotes a culture of innovation and creativity. The ultimate objective is to provide a fertile environment to students so that they can not only cultivate their business ideas but also have the strength to believe in them and work towards turning them into a concrete reality.

EDC, which is managed by students under the guidance of faculty, organises workshops and interactive sessions to create awareness about entrepreneurship. For the purpose of inculcating a competitive spirit among students, EDC also organises various competitions.

EDC has organised the following activities in 2017 which witnessed huge and enthusiastic participation of students.

Orientation program: An orientation program was organised on August 17,2017 which had interactive and motivating sessions by our guest speakers. The learned speakers were Dr S Lakshmi Devi, Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career oriented Programs, University of Delhi. and Professor S K Palhan , founder Director, Great Lakes Institute of Management and Advisor, Indus Quality Foundation.

B-Plan Competition

EDC organised a B-Plan competition in September 2017. In this Competition, budding entrepreneurs from different streams of the College presented the business plans on which they could bet their all. They took on challenging questions from judges and audience with commendable conviction and confidence thereby inspiring others to think likewise.

Paper Recycling Project

The students of Shivaji College are successfully running a paper recycling unit. This not only gives them a hands-on-training to handle a production process, but also inculcates a sense of team spirit and responsibility to meet targets.

EDC of Shivaji College is moving ahead to meet its objective of encouraging entrepreneurial spirit in the young generation and creating prospective job providers in health, education, services, manufacturing, social innovation, design and many other non-traversed and yet-to-be-explored fields in modern India.

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Office Bearers of Entrepreneurial Cell
Sidharth Bhardwaj President BBE 3rd Year
Kshitiz Gupta Vice president B.com(p) 2nd year
Vishal Yadav Vice president Eco (h) 2nd Year
Riya Singhal Secretary B.com(h) 3rd Year
Chaitanya Chawla Secretary Eco(h) 2nd year
Simran Chawla Joint secretary B.com(p) 2nd year
Sarthak Bansal Head- Public relations BBE 2nd Year
Pranshu Aggarwal Head- media & technical B.com(p) 2nd year
Sushant Sood Head- media & technical Bsc life science 3rd year