Library Facilities

1. Reading Halls & Computer facility: The Library has two air conditioned reading halls one for teachers and another for students with the seating capacity of 15 and 60 user and fully equipped with 07 and 04 computers and internet facilities respectively.

2. Photocopy:The Library provides photocopy facility to its users within the library premises through a private photocopy vendor. The users are charged 50p. per page by the vendor for this facility.

3. Inter Library Loan: The Library offers Inter Library Loan facility to its users on request. The Library in the past has borrowed and even issued books on inter library loan to nearby college libraries.

4. Braille Books: : The Library has 221 books in Braille Language and Braille kit with CD’s and other devices.

5. Property Counter:: The Library offers the facility of property counter to its users. Users are required to deposit their Bags (excluding valuable items such as money, passport, credit/debit cards/mobile phones etc.) with the property counter attendant before entering into the library.