Department of Zoology is one of the oldest dynamic departments of Shivaji College. Its existence is ever since the college was established in 1961. When department was established it was mainly offering pre-medical courses to students. With the tireless effort of its dedicated pioneering faculty members, Dr. Nayyar, Dr. T.C. Anand, Dr. V.K. Mehta, Dr. S.P.S. Chauhan and Dr. Sudhir Vasal, the department introduced B.Sc. [Hons] course in Zoology in the year 1973 which is flourishing today. Later on Dr. Sharda Srivastava, Dr. G.K. Sapra, Dr. Balraj Gupta and Dr. Indra Chaudhary joined the department who further led the department to attain excellence in academics. Department has always been source of knowledge and continuously being igniting the scientific temperament in students. Students of this Department have been placed in various institutions of national and international repute for carrying out higher studies and research.

The department has well developed classical museum with plethora of specimens for the students to understand and explore the zoological diversity. The Department deals with wide variety of subjects ranging from classical zoology [Non-Chordata, Chordata] to recent advanced subjects such as Genetics, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Immunology, Molecular; Cell and Evolutionary Biology. Laboratory of zoology department is very well equipped with various modern instruments like, Gel documentation unit, High Speed cooling centrifuges, UV spectrophotometer, Laminar flow, BOD incubator, Microtome, Deep freezers, Orbital Shaker, Water Distillation plant etc. along with multimedia projectors.

At present, 12 faculty members from varied disciplines of zoology are ushering the knowledge and developing skills amongst the students. The department is catering the needs of budding zoologists and offering classes for B.Sc. [Honours] Zoology and B.Sc. [Program] Life Science courses.