It is one of the core departments since the inception of Shivaji College. Dr R.S. Vats was the first teacher appointed in the Department; Mr. L.P. Sharma being the second one. Dr. Ramanji Bharadwaj and Dr. Dhameja were the other teachers to join later on. Mr. Sharma was well-known for his several text books for the BA History (Pass) Courses. Dr. Jai Gopal, a Modern Indian Historian, joined the Department in 1978. He wrote his doctoral thesis on “Social Change in Punjab during the Second Half of the 19th Century: A Case Study of Jalandhar District” under the supervision of the eminent Professor Aparna Basu. When Honours Course was introduced in the College, Ms Khurshid Khan joined the Dept in 1991 with a specialisation in the Mughal India. Dr. Amarjiva Lochan joined in 1992 with a specialisation in Ancient Indian History and Culture. He wrote his doctoral thesis on “India and Thailand: A Study in Acculturation”, under the supervision of Prof. Devayani Devahuti. Dr. Shama Mitra Chenoy, an authority on the late medieval history of Delhi completed her Ph.D. thesis under the guidance of Professor S. Nurul Hasan and Dr. H. C. Verma. It was on the “Urban Morphology of Shahjahanabad as Reflected in Its Extant Buildings”. Shri Mukesh Singh joined the Department in 1997. The last permanent appointment in the Department has been of Ms. Nishtha Srivastava in 2008.

The Department believes that college life entails overall development of a student’s personality. Hence we combine class room teaching with excursions to historical sites. We organize National Seminars annually to interrogate the various facets of our discipline. Through activities like quizzes, paper presentations, film screenings and their reviews, we seek to polish the acumen of students as well as sensitize them about social and environmental issues. These endeavours are inspired by the philosophy that the faculty and students need to grow together.