English: Society

The department has an active and vibrant English Literary Society that organizes“Litopia” – the annual literary festival that comprises of various events and extra-curricular activities. Students are encouraged to participate in competitive events, seminars, talks and paper presentations and express their talent and creative potential. Eminent scholars and critics are invited to deliver talks on key sociological and historical issues that also form an integral part of literary studies.
The primary aim of the department is to enable students to exercise their critical faculties in a free yet responsible manner so that they gain a mature, stable understanding of the challenges offered by the current socio-political environment.

Activities During 2015-16

The department organised a Gender Workshop on September 15, 2015 with Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Associate Professor at Hansraj College, as the workshop facilitator.

The English Literary Society also organised the annual department festival LITOPIA 2016 on February 25, 2016. Dr. Mitra Bose, former Associate Professor at Indraprastha College, was invited to deliver a talk on “Development of the Novel in English from Social Realism to Fantasy via Magical Realism”.