Economics: Introduction

The Department of Economics aims at upholding the cognitive aspect of education by ensuring academic excellence and intellectual growth of its students. The department lays prime focus on academics interspersed with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that brings versatility of its students to the fore and gives them a sound sense of perspective.

The faculty comprises of experienced and dedicated teachers who with their expert inputs encourage students to explore new avenues beyond conventions of economics. The academic result of this course has been noteworthy. Besides performing well in annual examinations every year, a good proportion of the students studying at Shivaji College get admissions at post graduate level in prestigious institutions like Delhi School of Economics and various reputed business schools.


Meritorious students of the Department of Economics are awarded with the merit-cum-means based scholarship “P.C. Ganguly Memorial Scholarship”. This scholarship was instituted in 2004 and is awarded to three students every year. A sum of Rs. 3000/- is awarded to one student of economics selected from each batch of B.A.(Hons) Economics and B.A. Programme combined together. The scholarship is awarded to the student on the basis of evaluation of a written essay, academic result, per capita income of the family, and the overall performance of the student  in that particular session.

PARETO: the Annual Inter- College Festival

Pareto is the annual inter-college festival organized by the Department of Economics in Shivaji College. Named after the very famous Economist Vilfredo Pareto, the festival provides a vital platform to students across institutions in Delhi to participate and compete in various events.   Events like Quiz, Ad mad, Business plan, group discussion etc. are organized to bring out elements of the subject in the manner that involves both skills and wits.