Chemistry : Society

Rastantrum, The Chemical Society of Shivaji College, is an active society, which tries to maintain a perfect balance between academics and fun. Thus the Inaugural Lecture of the Department, was delivered by eminent scientist or academician.

The Chemical society of Shivaji College organized its annual festival, RASTANTRUM 2016 on 17th march 2016. Prof. Ashok Kumar Prasad, Chairman, Governing Body, Shivaji College was invited as the Chief Guest for the same. The morning session comprised of lectures by eminent and renowned professors of Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi. The first speaker of the event was Prof. Rakesh Kumar Sharma and the topic of his talk was “Green Chemistry: Chemistry for Tomorrow’s World”. The second invited speaker was Prof. Shrikant Kukreti from Department of Chemistry and the topic of his lecture was “Wonderful Discoveries: Incredible People”.  It was followed by various students activities like Just A Minute, Chemical Rangoli and Chemical Charades in which students participated enthusiastically.