Chemistry : Achievements

Dr. Rahul Singhal has to his credit a book entitled “Application of clay polymer nanocomposite as drug delivery vehicle” with ISBN No. 3659745804, Germany, 2015.

Dr. Nand Gopal Giri has been to OPCW Helsinki, Finland for attending an Analytical Skill development course 2015 from 9th to 20th November 2015.

Dr. Richa Arora has been awarded with Ph.D degree by University of Delhi during the Convocation held on 30th May, 2015.

Currently three Innovation Projects are running under Department of Chemistry, Shivaji College in which many students of chemistry and other departments are actively involved.

  1. PLGA Nanoparticles spacers for targeted drug delivery in cancer treatment. (Dr. Rahul Singhal)
  2. Investigation of polymer based electrodes for solid state high performance supercapacitor. (Dr. Rajni Kanojia)
  3. Efficient photo catalytic degradation of toxic organic pollutants by metal-organic complex using Novel Green Chemical Approach. (Mr. Mahendra kr. Meena)

The following two projects have been successfully completed:

  1. Pollutants development of an android application for real time monitoring of toxic environmental. (Dr. Rahul Singhal)
  2. Experimental Investigation on Ion-conducting polymer gel electrolytes suitable for applications in electrochemical devices. (Dr.Rajni Kanojia)