Botany department is known for its academic excellence, extra-curricular activities, and an excellent teaching faculty. Under the undergraduate programme the department will offer courses on Microbiology &Phycology, Plant Cell Biology, Mycology & Phytopathology, Fundamentals of Biochemistry, Archegoniates , Morphology & Anatomy of Angiosperms, Plant Systematics, Concepts of Genetics,, Ecology and Phytogeography, Plant Resource Utilization, Reproductive Biology, Plant Physiology and Plant Biotechnology. Under this programme the students will have hands on experience on Plant resource Management, Plant Breeding, Crop Improvement, Industrial & Environmental Microbiology, Horticulture Practices and Post -Harvest Technology. The course will equip students to peruse higher education, employment in industry, business entrepreneurship and agricultural practices.

The department has well equipped laboratories with projection facilities. It has a track record of producing university rank holders who are pursuing education and research in the institutes of higher learning in India and abroad.

The distinguished faculty members are engaged in research in collaboration with universities abroad. Some of them are recipients of best teacher award and international fellowships and have worked in private sector and industry. The department organizes nature walks, field trips, botanical excursions, industrial visits and summer internships for students. Workshops, seminars, symposia and conferences are organized from time to time on relevant themes to understand current global challenges and solutions.