The Vision and Mission


Shivaji College aims to attain excellence in all aspects and aspires to become a premier institution of higher education by creating healthy and congenial academic environment helpful for innovation and experimentation. Quest for knowledge, freedom of expression and respect for culture is the hallmark of the college.


Shivaji College believes in attaining curricular and extra-curricular excellence. Here, emphasis is laid upon all-round and integrated development of students. The mission of the college is to provide academic excellence in the fields of science, commerce and humanities. The spirit of scientific enquiry is encouraged and students and faculty are motivated towards continuous research and learning. The college has facilities which include laboratories, computers, projectors and trained teachers for instruction. The college encourages competitiveness and a yearning for perfection. The objective is to inculcate the potential to venture beyond the set curriculum. The college believes in recognizing, encouraging and nurturing diverse talents and aptitude of the students. Skills for practical application of knowledge are also imparted aiming at holistic development of the students.

The mission of Shivaji College is aptly reflected in the college motto “Amritam tu vidya” (Education is eternal or a never ending process).