Principal’s Desk

Dear Students,

Shivaji College is a premier college of University of Delhi. The administration and faculty of the college work together for holistic nurturing of students. Abiding by our motto amritam to vidya (education is an external process) we have a strong tradition of encouraging academic rigour, sports, cultural activity , social awareness, and ethical responsibility. The infrastructure and ambience of the College contribute to our efforts and are in turn continuously improved and refined.

Academic pursuit and passion for sports and the arts are equally valued at Shivaji College. Highly Qualified teachers a vast and well stocked library, sprawling laboratories and a disciplined environment mark our efforts towards academic excellence. Our endeavour is to make our students inquisitive, ambitious and confident . We encourage them to develop a scientific temper which we believe is essential for all disciplines of study. We help them identify their aptitude ,hone their talent , focus on career choices, and guide and train them for further studies, research, as well as for the job market. Many students find placement in reputed companies in their final year in college.

We also have an immense playground with well maintained courts. Many of our students are serious, highly trained and competitive sportspersons, excelling in their sports. We are very proud of them. There are numerous societies for music, drama, painting, dance, film and photography, managed and well-attended by students. In addition to the Annual Cultural Festival various competitions and workshops are organized through the year to encourage the arts.

Rights and duties towards fellow human beings, nature, environment, wildlife, and society. In our classrooms and during events and exercises organized through the year, as well as through societies like NSS and NCC, students are encouraged to proactively espouse social responsibility and challenge injustice .

At Shivaji College, we want to arm each student with knowledge, imagination and idealism, with ambition and sensitivity, science and humanity, reason and creativity.So that they can bring constructive change in society.

I extend a warm welcome to all who wish to be associated with Shivaji College.

With best wishes,

Dr. Shashi Nijhawan