Best Practices

(i) Promotion of Environment Consciousness

Eco Club of Shivaji College was formed in 2006. It has been working in coordination with the Department of Environment, Government of NCT of Delhi. The club organizes seminars and various competitions on environmental issues such as deforestation, climate change, global warming etc.

The Eco Club with its motto One World One Environment organizes Van Mahotsava by planting saplings on Teacher’s Day. Students, teachers and non-teaching staff take a Pledge to Protect and Plant a Tree every year. Regular excursions enhance the understanding of the native flora and fauna, ecosystems and their importance for sustainable development. Several drop boxes are placed within the campus to collect paper and e-waste. The club has a paper recycling unit and e-waste collection center. The former is used to make attractive handmade paper. To promote the conservation and exploration of herbal and medicinal plants, a one day workshop Ankuran on “The development of herbal / medicinal garden” was organized on 29th January, 2015. The workshop aimed to provide precise knowledge of economic and medicinal use of various common plants growing in wild and cultivated forms around us. The campus uses fallen leaves to generate manure through vermicomposting. In addition to this, it has a water harvesting facility. The waste water is being used for irrigation.

Shivaji College is highly conscious about cleanliness and its impact on health and environment. The students and staff are sensitized in this regard. A “Clean Campus Committee” was constituted in March, 2014. The committee has been working towards maintaining cleanliness in and around the campus. The college basically aims at spreading three messages in the society: Don’t litter and don’t let anybody else litter, minimize the use of plastic bags, no sticking of posters on walls.

The college sincerely participated in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan initiated by the Govt. of India. Under this mission, the college organized a two-day event on 1st – 2nd October 2014, during which the following activities were carried out:

  • More than 700 students and staff members signed on a pledge which said: I will keep my surroundings clean, I will throw garbage in the dustbin only, and I will not use plastic bags. A talk was organized in the college auditorium on 1st October, 2014 with speakers from Chintan, Environmental Research and Action Group (an NGO) on the topic “Environmental issues and E-Waste Management”. Waste recycling issues were discussed.

  • On Gandhi Jayanti, the college organized a cleanliness drive with the help of MCD workers, in which staff members and students were actively involved. 

 (ii) Women Sensitisation and creating Gender Awareness.

Women sensitization and gender awareness refers to the state of knowledge regarding the diversity and variation within the roles and relations of men and women. The diversity and variation between the two sexes result in differences observed in power relations, status, privileges and needs. Gender awareness also necessitates understanding the apparent gender differences in an organization.

Women Development Cell of Shivaji College was constituted in 2003. It is a vibrant and active collaboration of students and teachers who work the entire year to create an open-minded, tolerant and gender sensitized community within campus as well as in the society. Various seminars and conferences are organized at both National and International Level which intend to bring awareness about women related issues. Students are continuously engaged in activities that make them sensitive towards various forms of gender inequality.

The college has instituted the “Jijabai Women Achievers’ Award” with the objective of felicitating women of determination and perseverance from all walks of life.

The college not only recognizes the importance of gender equality but also aims at broadening the dimensions within which these goals are perceived by the society. With the above objectives in mind, WDC organized talks titled “Literacy: A Gendered Reality” on Teacher’s Day and “It’s time we walk for the Girl Child” on International Day in the year 2012.

It launched Peace People Society through which students received training from UPF, FFWPU and WFWP (UN India acknowledged agencies) and rescued women to “Sudinalay – A Rescue Home for Women in Distress”. The First International Conference on Empowerment of Women in Developing Countries was held on 1st – 2nd April 2013. A panel discussion on sexual abuse was held on 7th February 2014.

Women’s Development Cell of the College released a book titled “Anujivami: I Survive” in the year 2014. The book brings together real life stories of women who survived during tough times and tougher fortunes to transform their life into a tale inspiring millions. It is a tribute to the undying spirit and emotional resilience of woman. A team of students and teachers undertook this enormous learning exercise where they visited women in various corners of the city to the stony barracks of Tihar Jail; some even emerged from the rooms of working women’s hostel and noisy classrooms of government schools. The stories were gathered from the décor of posh offices of corporate sector and reached the clustered slum colonies of domestic helps. What inspired this book is the untold web of conflicts and struggles that lay beneath the apparent surface of success.

Organ donation is a generous way to gift life. Realizing the importance of this issue, an Organ Donation Awareness Campaign was organized on 4th – 5th September, 2013 to highlight the noble cause of organ donation. A walkathon Walk for Life was organized comprising of approximately 2000 participants. An awareness seminar was also conducted to sensitize the college staff, students and general public regarding the procedures and prospects of organ donation. The college has been proactive in organizing events related to women safety. In this pursuit, the cell organizes a self-defense workshop for girls of Shivaji College .