• “It’s my pleasure to share my experience about college life. Shivaji College gave me ample opportunities. I had the best experience working as vice president of the cultural society of Shivaji College. I had a great time working with the cultural committee. The support of teachers is the reason of my success in college.  What ever I did for college as the president of Reverb- music society and vice- president of cultural society was possible due to the support of teachers of cultural team. I am very thankful of all my teachers and I am very lucky that I am a Shivajian.”

    Rohit chawla
    B.A(Hons) Political Science
    Batch 2012-15

    Rohit chawla, B.A(Hons) Political Science

  • “Since the first moment I came to Shivaji, I was met with nothing but energy and enthusiasm.  The faculty and staff in this institution are top rate.  They all want their students to do well.  My Professors helped me beyond words. The college provides many opportunities for the students. Beside studies, college gives a platform to the students to discover their talents and fulfil them.”

    Anubha Raturi
    B.A(Hons.) English
    Batch 2012-15
    Member Shutterbugs

    Anubha Raturi, B.A(Hons.) English Member Shutterbugs

  • “I spent three years at Shivaji College and it was an absolutely unforgettable period in my life. The thing that I had enjoyed the most was the caring and friendly environment in this college. Since the first moment I came to Shivaji College, I had met with nothing but energy and enthusiasm. I had the greatest time ever and made some of the best friends, a person could have. All the teachers were AMAZING!!!!. They all want their students to do well. I really believe it was a privilege to come to this college. I gained the experience and confidence I needed.“

    Apurva Dogra
    B. Sc life science
    Year 2011-14

    Apurva Dogra,B. Sc life science

  • “Thanks SHIVAJI for those wonderful three years. The college faculty, environment, discipline is what makes it different from others. The teachers are ready to help and motivate the students.
    P.S-Proud to be a Shivajian.”

    Roma Bhatnagar
    B.Sc APS
    Batch 2012-15

    Roma Bhatnagar,B.Sc APS